Retaliation 2 by LeChris - 940 downloads

Retaliation 2 is a CMS built for Rage RP emulator.

RevCMS by Kryptos - 1,358 downloads

RevCMS is an extremely easy to set up CMS written for Phoenix and Plus based hotels.

Illumina CMS by Jonteh - 1,138 downloads

Illumina CMS is an exploit free, super fast CMS written for Butterfly, Phoenix and Plus based hotels.

AzureWEB by Various authors - 826 downloads

AzureWEB is a Habbo.com clone written in PHP. Comes with a pre-setup Apache webserver and optimized PHP.

ShockCMS by Funsolit - 833 downloads

Shock is a custom Rev CMS edit with a new theme. SQL is included.

uHabbo CMS by Damien Jolly - 831 downloads

uHabbo is a CMS that features many things including homes, avatar selection and more. Shell exploit has been removed. (More info)

CometWeb by Leon - 707 downloads

CometWeb is a CMS using the Comet database structure. Barebones and minimal, would only recommend for testing purposes.